Fanboy loves his pizza, computer games, comics, movies and toys. He works in a comic shop called "Comics Cave" where most of the interaction takes place cause everyone hangs out at the store. Fanboy, unfortunately stinks at computer games, he loves them but he can't play em for nuts! He never wins though he spends loads of time playing em. Fanboy still stays in his mother's basement.
Brightangel is a bit of an enigma. No one really knows much about him but Brightangel is a funny guy who hangs out with the guys all the time. Loves his computer games above anything else. Plays console, PC and all kinds of games that he can get his hands on.
Rob is a lawyer who hates his job but loves the money that comes along with it. His first love is working out in the gym and fancies himself an afficionado of movies. His views on movies alway differ from that of Fanboy and Brightangel. Rob is an avid fan of "Superman" and longs for the new "Superman" movie that has been promised for so long. Rob is constantly searching for the meaning of life by seeking new thrills.
Chio Gal is Fanboy's dream gal. Chio Gal is cool, reads comics, digs movies too and is very healthy and physically active. She works in a gym as an aerobics instructor. She would like to meet someone but is not actively looking as she is still young and having loads of fun!
"D" is actually really a little Devil, hence the name "D". He is still however a very low level minion and his powers and affiliation aren't as developed yet. He had been sent to Earth to observe and learn but has instead learnt to love movies. He lives in the basement of Comics Cave and while he would love to be introduced to the outside world, he is kept in the basement doing the bidding of Fanboy and the gang. Still, "D" is happy that he is able to partake in the activities and adventures of the gang.
Darkangel came from the mirror universe and is the evil counter to Brightangel. He is currently living in the basement of Comics Cave with "D" and he tries from time to time to wreck havoc in the lives of the gang.