FANBOYS!! Beyond Geekdom!!!
By Benjamin Loh


TODAY I'VE GOT SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR ALL YOUSE GUYS!!!!! Especially my friend on whom Rob is based.

Keeping with the Superman Returns mood, I have a new wallpaper (AND in various NEW SIZES TOO!!!!) available for download. It's rather simple and basic but I like it. There's also a joke somewhere in there if you can get it.

Here it is.

Hope you guys like it.

I have also of late, I know not when, started collecting anime PVC figures based on some anime series that I was watching recently. I had never been interested in these sorts of things before but I've been going really ga ga over these things. The quality of the figures and the otaku in me has just become fanatical over them and I've burnt a deep deep deep hole in my pocket getting or planning to get them.

Check out the links below to see what has recently taken my fancy and what I'm planning for the future.

What I JUST got:


What I'd like to get:

Sei (Bikini) Sei Meg (suit 2)
Meg Tifa Rei

Some of you out there have been reading Fanboys!! Beyond Geekdom!!! consistently for some time now. The numbers ain't high but there are those of you out there who actually likes the strip and come back for more all the time. Even when there aren't updates and so on, you still come back and check out from time to time to see when it's updated again.

I'd like to know who you are.

Just drop me an e-mail to let me know so that I know who my loyal readers are. Just tell me your name and most importantly, when you started reading the strips. If you like, you might let me know what are some of the things that you like / dislike about the strips / stories and whatever else you have to say.

Here's the kicker. Although not immediate, you WILL be rewarded if you'd care to let me know who you, my loyal readers, are.