Strip for Wednesday 21 December 2005



By Benjamin Loh

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Insane Babbling

I moved into my current home in 1997 almost empty handed except for my comics collection that I started in 1987. I just started packing my room - note ROOM not home. I have amassed so much collectibles (junk is another word for it) that I have no idea what to do with em all.

I've got all of my old art work (read doodles and sketches), ALL my comics (still in numerous boxes including unfilled boxes and tons of loose comics lying around waiting to go into the boxes), tons of TPBs' bags falling apart, loads of old magazines (which I just threw out) and a closet full of toys that I have no idea what to do with em. Don't get any ideas, I won't be giving any of em away anytime soon.

Which also explains the late update today - spending every available second packing. It doesn't help that the family feels that my room - which I use as a studio and not bedroom is a store and decides to place ALL of their junk in my room too. I unearthed quite a bit of stuff sitting here which does not belong to me. But for my kindness, I would have thrown them all away but I moved them back to their respective owners' rooms. That'll show em...... when they come back next week - heh heh heh.

And for those who aren't in the know - remember when I said that the sound in the Episode III DVD was fantastic and that I needed to review Episode III again - here - I was referring to the SOUND EFFECTS and NOT the music, script, speech or any other audio content included in the sound track of the Episode III DVD. Sheesh....

Anyway, as I was saying - I have amassed so much junk that I think I need to get a storage facility to get all these old stuff properly stored. Will do some checking around and find something that ain't that costly....







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