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By Benjamin Loh

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Insane Babbling

It is said that children should be seen and not heard. I agree to a certain extent. When a child has been taught proper manners and is able to say "excuse me" when he wishes to speak or is looking for attention, we as their elders and parents should pay attention to them now that they have done what is proper in order to speak. What I most disagree with is parents who tell their kids to "shut up. don't make so much noise". This not only demeans the child but is totally rude and uncalled for. This is especially so for grandparents. The worst thing is if itis the maternal grandparents whom you cannot tell off in front of anyone else and is a lot worst when the mother does not even pay enough attention to what's going on to tell off her own parents. I can't stand people like that.

I was out for dinner with Xander and the missus last night and I observed this happening at the next table.

Want to know what's worst?

The kid was trying hard to improve himself and was learning to use the chopsticks. He was doing quite a good job too but obviously was having some trouble (I know of grown ups who still can't hold their chopsticks correctly let alone a kid). So what does the grandparent and mother do? They tell him - why bother? Just use the fork. "It's a lot easier."

Tell me - what kind of message is that sending to the child? These parental guidance is worth totally nothing as far as I'm concerned. You are supposed to teach and guide your child and most importantly, teach them to never give up. You do not simply take the easy way out because that happens to be something that the kid already knows. The kid is obviously trying hard and is improving himself and what do you do? You tell him don't bother.

Sad.... real sad.






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