Strip for Friday 15 July 2005



By Benjamin Loh

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Insane Babbling

Why was this section called news and other updates when there were hardly ever any news nor updates? I don't say much. I don't tell you guys anything. The only thing updated is the comic strip and you sure don't need me to tell you here that the strip has been updated. D'uh!

So, I am re-titling this "Insane Babbling" cause much of what comes out from me can hardly qualify as sane sentiments to begin with.

To begin, why were there no updates for the last couple of days? Why had there not been any updates despite me saying that there would be and that I have made a commitment to ensuring that there were updates (except for that two weeks break that I went off in May - for much of this year the updates had been consistent) - so why had there not been any updates of late? Why? You may ask why.

My answer is simple, I've been sick and I am still recovering kind of.

Came down with bloody food poisoning after the update on Friday evening. Had a late "party" Friday night and took some chips (e-mail me if you wanna know the brand that I ate) which ended up coming out of me all of Saturday and Sunday thereby reducing me to nothing more than a complete shit hole and boy was I a shit and puke hole all of the weekend. Then I can't go to work on Mon and Tues and work piled up too. That was a very painful weekend.

So, why were there no updates, cause I was sick. Really really sick.

OK, enough outta me. Enjoy today's strip!






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