Strip for Wednesday 2 March 2005


By Benjamin Loh

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News and other Stuff

A couple of house keeping items.

1. Please refresh the page as it sometimes don't show up with the latest updates. One day, when I am able to figure out php or some other more automatic way of updating the site, it will be easier to ensure you see the latest, but until then, just click on refresh.

2. Mission : Improbable is finished and complete but the idiot that I was didn't update this page for the update on Saturday which contains the last strip for the Mission : Improbable story line with the epilogue. So please click on the back arrow under the strip above to make sure you check out the very last strip for the story.

3. Finally, I am working on a couple of proposed new story lines for fanboys at the moment and from today onwards, all strips will be coloured (for the immediate future anyway) as a testing ground of sorts. So updates will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays only as opposed to the daily strip. This will go on until, I go back to black and white strips or I get the hang of colours, whichever is the later....

Anyway, hope you like the strip today.

OK, I love this Strip so much, I've gone and create a t-shirt for the strip! Get it at the store!






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