Strip for Wednesday 10 November 2004

Fanboys : When geekdom ain't enough.

By Benjamin Loh

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Oh man, I've been so busy and tired of late that I didn't even have the time nor energy to update the site even though most of the strips have been drawn and completed already. Every night, it's back from work, play a little with Xander and by 2130hrs or so every night, I would be knocked out together with Xander. And work has been so draining that I really don't have the energy for anything else. And I do mean anything else.

Anyway, the holidays are coming up. I've got a couple of days off so I am going to update the website for the next few days and hopefully will be able to keep it up too. I will probably also complete drawing this story line over this weekend and that will be the complete Mission:Improbable storyline!

OK, I love this Strip so much, I've gone and create a t-shirt for the strip! Get it at the store!






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