Strip for Monday 23 August 2004

Fanboys : When geekdom ain't enough.

By Benjamin Loh

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Hey, it just occured to me that the idiot that I am didn't tell you all that everything for last week was actually updated already and all you had to do was to use the arrow keys to navigate all the way till Sunday cause I was out of town on a business trip. So if you thought you missed stuff since Wednesday, please start clicking the previous button to check out the rest of the nonsense that I did over the last week.

Now, I am really excited cause this week, I start a brand new story-line that's going to take up quite a bit of the story space. I actually wanted to make this into a book length story and get it published but time got the better of me. So instead of delaying, I just dropped the story here so that all can partake in the insanity and grievance that is me.

So hang on tight, cause this week begins : FANBOYS!! MISSION : IMPROBABLE!!!!!




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