Strip for Monday 9 August 2004

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Yes, I am aware that I said that this will be a daily strip. Yes, I am aware that I said that I now have a cache of materials such that I won't be behind on a daily basis. Unfortunately, technology decided to rear its ugly head. My modem and internet connection decided that it has had enough and absolutely refused to let me get online. What this means is that I can't get my stuff online - which means that you don't get to see what I've done to date.

So, I'm quite pissed and have failed to be able to get the damn thing sorted since. I finally got around to find out if there was an alternative and spent a bomb getting a new connection and modem only to have the system not work for the longest time and as I write this, the connection is still not working and I'm really hoping that this will be sorted soon and that what I have written here will see the light of day soon.

Anyway, if you actually do get to read this, it can only mean that I have finally managed after loads of problems get online. Man, don't get me wrong here, I am using a mac and absolutely love it but this entire non-compatibility issue is seriously trying and testing my love for this machine. I hope that this will finally settle all problems - otherwise, for the sake of getting my stuff seen, I'm gonna have to switch to the PC afterall.

As Freddy Mercury sang, another one bites the dust!




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