Strip for Monday 28 June 2004

News and other Stuff

Well, its been a while but I am now back with more strips, stories and more of my $#*% on a day to day basis. I hope on a day to day basis anyway. Life is always throwing us a curve ball from time to time. Since the last strip I have been so busy with work and life with little Xander that I haven't had much time to myself. So much of my time have been spent taking care of and being with Xander but ultimately, I realise that I do need this time for myself to do something that will help me relax. Truth be told, drawing the strip is extremely therapeutic in my otherwise very stressful life and I certainly hope to be able to do this on a more consistent basis.

Anyway, today, I was going to begin telling the story of the beginning of Fanboy and the gang. I realised that the strip really needed a beginning for everyone, myself included. But with Spider-Man 2 around the corner, I just had to do something with that material so the beginning strips are going to wait a little while. I have also re-designed the website to make it look a little more appealing.

I have also tried to re-build some of the old stuff from my previous website so that it doesn't go to waste. I am hoping also to put up more ancillary stuff that is related to the strip and is part of our collecting lives as well. This will take this space here at News and other Stuff - which will inevitably simply be more of my nonsense and crap. Anyway, hope you like the beginning and thank you for listening.



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